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Caro’s Book of Poker Tells by Mike Caro

You will never be a great poker player if you don’t know how to read your opponents at the table. Discovering tells that reveal if a player is bluffing or actually holding a strong hand is absolutely vital if you want to be a winner. In this book Mike Caro, known as” the mad genius of poker” lists a vast number of tells that will help you make correct decisions in tricky situations. Find an online poker room to try this at. Read more »

Tips: Omaha Hi/Lo Poker

Flushes and straights are very common here due to the five community cards that you can select  .Omaha High/Low is a popular interpretation of Omaha Poker, is also known as Omaha/8.The lowest hand and the highest hand split in halp the pot in this game . The low hand must contain an 8 or better, and pairs.. For these two hands you can use different cards , and it is possible to win both the high and the low  pot. Read more »

£70 profit

Remember when you buy tickets that to speculate is to accumulate – so that’s what I’ve always done and 99% of the time always had a return. But remember – you do not have to wager lots of money though. Only ever wager what you can lose just incase. I will only always wager £10-£20 per site.

Well I didn’t win on 1 or 2 lines or full house on this first game, but I won 1 line in the next, then 2 lines in Read more »

Poker Software and Data Products

Identifying the proper product niche can be frustrating, but the popular niche in online poker at the moment is data.  Hand histories, opponent data, tournament data, you name it – if it’s a piece of data related to poker, players want it, and they want as much of it as they can get.  Sites such as Pokerlistings offers substantial affiliate commissions on data sales, and are a low-effort avenue for entering the market. Read more »

Poker Affiliate Opportunity

The third popular model for profiting as an online poker affiliate is through a free gifts set up.  The model is elementary: rooms pay you a certain amount for referring qualified players, and you return part of that payment to players via a system that allows them to claim various gifts (or cash) depending on what room they sign up at.  In it’s most complex form, this system essentially translates user sign ups into a currency Read more »

Learning PLO: Brief Tips

Pot limit omaha is a pleasurable game, however correct strategy has the potential to be mystifying to new online poker players.  Here are a few swift suggestions to aid newbies improve their plo game. If you’re looking for advanced help, CardRunners is a good starting point.

Realize that you should have to toss the nuts a few times. Read more »

Getting to Know Your Opponent’s tricks in Poker

A professional poker player has to contend with the fact that there may be several other players with similar abilities. The ability to learn new tricks is within both the armature and professional player, the only distinguishing factor is how much you know your game.

Learning a new thing with every poker game is what makes you a winner. Read more »

Poker Rules

Poker is a card game of the oldest, now widely used in its most popular variations, Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Poker HORSE, Razz, Poker Italian, mode “5 Card Draw,” each with its own set of specific rules in addition to the general rules of poker, common to all types of game, determining their characteristics. Some specific rules of Poker, also apply to a particular type of game, the Heads Up, that is a direct clash between the only two opponents. Read more »


The blinds are bets, which are taken at the beginning of the game before the players have seen their hole cards and are intended to give substance to the dish and stimulate action and stakes of the players. The blinds are an active part of the mail put into the pot by each player’s Poker, unless a special situation leads us to consider all or part of the dark as “dead.” The player to the left of the button puts the small blind and the pot that plays right after the big blind. Read more »

New rule set expected to clarify poker play

“With the hype of Doug Dalton and Jack McClelland at Bellagio, one of the load’s finest card rooms, FIDPA and the IP Rules are off to a cardinal start,” said Lau. “We hush as death have a lot of glebe to band but the fact of the literary production is that there yes sir is no unlocking why a card room or event should not use the IP Rules as a base.”
And it sounds like the rules will make life much easier for go directors, as well as players. Read more »

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