Winning Roulette Strategy

Winning Roulette StrategyOf all of the table games in a casino, roulette has no obvious way to play it other than hunches and feelings for numbers or colors or patterns. This is not a strategy as such, but players that do get good feelings at times will like this game far more than players that rarely get winning hunches. One strategy that can be employed is setting time limits on play and loss limits for any session. Four hours of tense play is a good time limit and the loss limit depends on the player's risk capital. By doing this two step personal agreement, the player keeps the losses from getting out of hand or giving back any winnings.

A strategy that a friend of mine swears by is as follows: He watches to see which numbers do not come up within 15 or more spins, and when the number is the winning spin, he begins betting it with the idea that it will repeat within a few spins. He swears that this play works for him over many sessions and I have no reason to doubt what he says. When it repeats he looks for the numbers that are missing during the next 15 spins. And then repeats the process.

Playing for a trend to stop is a good way to lose a great deal of money so players that bet against repeating colors or odd numbers or section wagers are asking for trouble if they do not put a limit on the number of bets they will make against the trend. Trends can stay in place far longer than seems likely to a player.

Winning Roulette StrategyMy personal strategy is to play 26/29 when I walk by a roulette game and I have the feeling. I will play this two number combination five times is a row win or lose. Over thirty years of gaming this one wager has set me up for more than I have bet.

There is no way to win for certain at roulette, although there are sites on the Net that would have you believe they have a sure thing system. If this were so, why would they sell it. Many famous mathematicians have tried to come up with a winning system and so far it does not exist even with the use of computers. Setting the limits on play and wagering losses is a good way to keep your head above water and not lose more than was intended.

Players like this classic game as it has always had a following among people of all classes of wealth. The movies always show roulette to show there is gambling going on in the movie.

Think about the famous movie Casa Blanca, and how the young couple wins the money they need to get out of the city to Spain. Of course Rick had something to do with their winning when he told them the number to wager on.

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