Free Roulette Tips

Free Roulette TipsRoulette is the classic gambling game that has been played be royalty and now by everyone. Famous writers went broke playing the game and mathematicians and computer programmers have tried to figure out a foolproof way to play and win. So far no one has been able to come up with a sure fire way to win. None of the systems sold on the Internet are worth their cost to the buyer. There are patterns of wagers that make the odds of the game less favorable to the house. These are combinations of single number wagers coupled with 4 number boxes and section bets. Players that want to work on combination wagers are advised to do the research in free games where the money is play money.

The only correct wager payout is the even money on red/black, odd/even and or top 18/bottom 18. All other payouts are shaved in favor of the house, so playing roulette is a great game for the house and not so good for the players. It is difficult to come up with a betting strategy for roulette that leaves out a feel for the game. This is a game for players with strong but valid hunches for wagering on individual numbers. If the past play by a player indicates they have ESP ability about numbers that are going to come up from spins, then roulette is the game for these psychic players. Without a doubt some gamblers are more gifted with this ability than most other players. If you have this gift then roulette is the game for you and so are dice.

Free Roulette TipsPlayer that follow the spins will bet a number to repeat if it has not shown up for 15 or more spins and then comes up. The only rational for this bet is that a number does some times repeat. That is the only logic behind this bet. It is similar to the due bet in horses, where a gamblers that has missed several bets in a row will bet more as the gambler is now due for a win. When this system works the player looks like a genus, however it can be an expensive system to play. This is the trouble with any wagering system, when the system works it is great and when it does not work, it can be a costly way to play.

Another strategy that is seen on the roulette table is betting that a different color will come up after a color repeats five times in a row. The logic is flawed as there is no earthly reason that the color needs to change on the next spin or any other spin after the first five color spins came up the same. The color can repeat often and there is no reason that it cannot continue for more spins. The problem with this idea is it does seem to work for a while.

One way to stay ahead of roulette is to play your two favorite numbers five time in a row and quit after the fifth time. If the bet wins one time, you will be a winner for several plays in a row in the future without winning again. Doing this on the feel or a hunch is only the way to make this bet as you walk by the roulette table. There is no other logical tips that can be stated other than personal preferences as the play cannot be substantiated by logic. Roulette is a game about hunches and being in tune with the wheel before the spin is initiated by the croupier.

There are different types of bets in a game of roulette online. One must be conversant with all these types of bets before getting on to play the game. Knowing the names of the different types of bets and how they work will save you from possible embarrassment when you get on to a roulette table to play for money.

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