Free Blackjack Tips

Free Blackjack TipsBlackjack play has a number of actions by the player that should be done and should not be done during the play. For example the player should avoid buying insurance on a dealer Blackjack. If the player is having a negative time, the amount of the bet should be cut down. The opposite is true when a player is having a rush. If the dealer is showing a break card, the player should let the dealer break and not take a card on a breakable hand. Doubling down should definitely be done on eleven, ten or nine if the dealer is showing a break card. When the dealer is showing a ten the double down is up to the player and how the cards have been treating the player lately. A player should always split Aces and never split face cards. Many of these rules are out the window if the player is counting cards and the deck is favorable to the player. If the deck is favoring the house some bets can be eliminated from the players arsenal.

A player that is dealt pairs of threes, deuces or sixes should split the pairs if the dealer is showing a break card. Players that are dealt any other pair should hit the hand or leave it alone depending on the pair. When the player is playing a rush, the hands can be played differently though the ideas presented are good ways to play the hands. Always play to let the dealer break when they have a break card showing. This is an overriding way of playing so as to not break your hand when the dealer has a bad draw. Play to break is the rule for successful play.

Free Blackjack TipsPlaying two or three hands at a time is okay if the dealer is not on a winning rampage. When the dealer is cold is the time to play multiple hands. If the dealer gets hot, cut back the bets or cut down to one hand or leave the table. The secret to winning is to play hard when things are going the players way, but then cuts should be made when the game is going for the house.

Playing three hands at a time allows the player to play the hands as individual hands or play one against the other by staying on some breaking hands. This can be advantages if you know the results of the hands while able to draw or not. Playing the percentages is a good way to play when the cards are running your way.

Do not let the dealer show card make you assume the worst on every hand. the dealer will get many bad hands dealt to them if the cards are breaking even. Do not let this card force you to draw to a breakable hand if the cards are running against you. Patience in Blackjack are is a good way to play the game. Making negative assumptions about the dealers hand is not the only way to play all of the time. The hands for the dealer can be a broken when the cards are breaking both ways for the dealer hand. There are ample reasons for a player to not panic when the dealer shows a card that could indicate a good hand.

If the player is counting cards in the basic blackjack strategy game, all bets can be taken advantage of if the player has a hunch that the dealers hand is not a good one. Letting the dealer break is a great way to play the game of Blackjack.

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