Free Bingo Sites List

Bonus Money
USA Policy
1 123 Bingo 123 Bingo $25 free, no dep. ru/ua -
2 Bingo Liner Bingo Liner $20 free, 3D bingo ru/ua -
3 Bingo Flash Bingo Flash $20 free, 500% bonus ru/ua -
4 Bingo Cafe Bingo Cafe $10 free ru/ua -
5 Bingo Hall Bingo Hall $25 free, no deposit ru/ua -
6 Bingo Cabin Bingo Cabin $20 free bingo cash ru/ua -
7 Bingo for Money Bingo for Money $25 free, USA welcome ru/ua -
8 Jet Bingo Jet Bingo $10 free ru/ua -

Free bingo sites can mean free games or a credit that allows a few games to be played for free. In either case, the player gets to play for free and may find the site to their liking. The free games on free bingo sites is all the fad now, which means that you will find it on Mecca, William Hill, Wink and Posh, but also on newer sites like Chit Chat or Golden Hat. Almost every bingo site has a free set of games that they offer to their players daily, weekly or only on special days of the month. These games usually have small jackpots, but they do not cost anything to play. Since they are available on many sites, the player should try out a number of sites to see if one has a better set of games, better prizes and the frequency that the games are offered. Every site has its own unique set of free bingo game strategy so the only way to discover the best site for any player is to compare the sites to each other.

Comparisons are relatively easy to do as there are many rating services on the Net that will list the better sites in their opinion of best to a declining list of sites. If a player looks at several of these lists, they should find some sites mentioned on more than one. Those listed on more than one site should be looked at as real contenders for the player's business.

Of course a player can take into consideration any bonus deals, which site has a consistent high prize game in the list and the price of the tickets to play a game. The number of bonus offers are not hard to compare either for a player willing to look up the sites that they wish to look at more closely. Doing this extra work will pay off in better selections of where to play.

Some of the best free bingo sites are located in the UK and for those players that can play on these sites, the sites offer the best in the bingo world. Unfortunately the players from the US are not allowed on most of these sites. Bingo is a hugely popular gaming vehicle in the UK and this may account for there being so many sites located there. Many of the gaming sites in the UK are extended gaming arms of old line sports books from the past.

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