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Free Poker TipsMastery of poker playing takes time and a large number of hands to begin to have a strong concept of how to play properly and to hopefully win consistently. One of the reasons that so many young players show up on TV in tournaments is that they get the required large number of hands out of the way by playing many hours on the Internet at online poker rooms. Due to this playing time they have learned how to avoid bad plays and how to pick winning situations for their wagers. Winning situations is what this article tip is all about. By playing hands where the odds are in your favor, the player will win more hands than they lose. That is the secret to winning sessions over a large number of sessions. Players that are impatient and playing poor starting hands are at the mercy of luck and are not playing with the odds on their side. Impatience is the quickest way to lose money in poker that exist. It causes a number of mistakes to be made which over time adds up to a number of losing wagers and the obvious losing hands. Depending an luck alone to win is a very poor way to play poker as there is no skill or repeatable edge to this type of playing scheme. There are several levels of elements where impatient play ends up costing the player money The start of impatient play is not selecting good starting hands over many hands of poker. It is okay to play a few during the course of a game, but not a high percentage of hands. Players that do this type of play will have winning sessions, but they will be far apart and few in number. In Holdem the starting hand selection is paramount to winning more pots.

Free Poker TipsThe next area of impatience is over betting good hands too early, therefore not getting value out of a good hand. Sand bagging hands completely or just making a very small opening bet is part of not being impatient with the wagering patterns that are part of your game. Betting patterns should be varied during a game, since good players will quickly read a pattern that never changes, therefore they can read your hand's value with less difficulty. Raising to early sometimes throws the other players into a cautious mode and they are reluctant to gamble on a hand that needs a draw to become a made hand. Playing softly early is a way to get more money in the pot and get maximum value from a very good and unbeatable hand. Sand bagging or playing a hand in a soft manner takes patience and actually is the smartest way to play these hands of value. Of course you can allow a miracle draw in and get beat, but the odds are against that happening are with the player with the strong hand.

The patient player has an advantage that is not as obvious as it should be to more players. Laying in wait may have some negative aspects to some players, but all is fair in poker as long as it is not cheating. Playing a big hand for maximum value is smart play and not devious in any respect. Solid poker players try to do this on all good hands they are dealt. Good hands are not dealt all of the time, but when they do come they should reap as much pot size as possible. Play smart by being patient with hand selection and the way the hand is bet so other players are willing to try to win against your hand.

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