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The Young Winning at Poker Might Worry Some

The Young Winning at Poker Might Worry SomeHe was on his way in life as well. He was taking classes at the local community college. He had a job as a bus boy. While they weren’t any big accomplishments, they were accomplishments none the less. He thought he was getting somewhere. However, when he started getting into poker, Cada quit his job and dropped out of college.
While Cada loves the fact that he has won so much money, he says he wishes he would have stayed in school and kept his job. This was his first try in the main event and he took it home with him. He too has noticed the trend of younger people who have so much going for them leaving the things that they do have going for them and then playing poker as a poker professional. However, he’s a bit worried about this. His reasoning you ask? Read more »

My favourite poker games

PokerSome of the poker games that are favorites among the poker players are Stud poker, TexasHold’em, Cincinnati and Spit in the ocean. Stud poker is played with seven cards. This game is a favorite among audience too since they can view the hands of all the players. The person with lowest showing card is required to start the betting. In TexasHold’em a variation of the game is played. The game uses community Read more »

Erick Lindgren Biography

Erick Lindgren BiographyErick Lindgren was born in Burney, California on the 11th of August, 1976.  Erick played a lot of competitive sports as a child including baseball, football and basketball, and he had dreams of making it to the big leagues.  Unfortunately, Erick wasn’t good enough, so he had to settle for a lucrative poker career.  After failing to get a scholarship after high school Erick got work at the local casino, while he attended the local college.  It was here that Erick was introduced to the game of poker and his career really began. Read more »

Online Poker for Beginners

pokerPlaying poker games online can be a great way to get into this thrilling betting action. Poker can offer fast and easy game play ideal for the online environments. You can sit into as many poker games as you like. This means you can play a few hands when you get home from work or in your lunch hour. Read more »

Getting Started

chris-fergusonIf you are new to poker games online then don’t be afraid to just get going.  Playing the first few hands in free poker rooms is a good idea.  This will give you a safe place to begin without worrying about real money.  Once you have played a few games your confidence will get a real boost and you can build up from there. Read more »

Poker Games

blackjackThe Internet is one of the best places to play poker. You can play a huge variety of poker games online.  Most of the main variations are available from best poker websites like Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker. This is without a doubt one of the most popular online betting games in the world.  Texas holdem is a ‘straight’ form of poker that is easy to play.  The rules are pretty simple making it ideal for beginners. Read more »

The Effects of Gambling on the Web

The Effects of Gambling on the WebThe trend of online casino gambling has taken over the web like a storm, or more appropriately, a raging inferno of activity, as millions upon millions rampage their way to the internet, just for the chance of big winnings, of the ability to strike it rich at an online casino on the web. Read more »

Online Guide And Games

Online Guide And Games The world’s largest hold em poker online website is There are more players on this site than any other, and also the largest variety of game options and levels. Like on the, you can choose to play either for free or for real money. You download their interactive software from their site to begin playing. In the advanced virtual poker room you can choose from a variety of different hold em poker online tables. Like in real life casinos, you can choose what price betting table you want to sit at. Read more »

Professional Poker: The Highest Level In The Game

Professional Poker: The Highest Level In The GamePoker is one of the most popular and exciting games being played in the world today. In recent years poker has seen a tremendous boost in people playing the game, partly thanks to the great publicity it gets on new television shows as well as the rise of online internet poker where people can win real money online from the comfort of their own home. But whilst most people just dabble in poker for a little bit of fun, there are people in the world that are poker professionals and many are earning in the millions! This article will look at some of the most successful and famous poker professionals on the poker circuit today. Read more »

Shawn Buchanan : A player of Great Strategy

Shawn Buchanan : A player of Great StrategyHe is a player who has best records in World Series of poker and world poker tournament. He is a player who has 16 final tables in World Series of poker tournament. He as casino cashes of amount $5,638,983and casino 67 on his name in world poker or international poker tournament. He is a player who has achieved all the success by way of hard work and efforts. Read more »

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