Winning Blackjack Strategy

Winning Blackjack StrategyThe basic way to play Blackjack is to play for the dealer to break the hand they were dealt. This is easy to do when the dealer is showing a break card and the player lets the dealer always draw in hopes they will break their hand. There are many do's and don'ts that should not be violated as they will give the player the edge or at least lower the house edge a little. Do not buy insurance when offered from the dealer as the payoff is not correct and should be more. Always split Aces as this is a good bet as it can be won two different ways, the hand can be made or the dealer can break. When the dealer shows a break card,split deuces , threes, sixes. sevens or eights. Spiting face cards is not usually a good play unless the dealer is showing a break card.

When dealt an Ace and a three, a deuce, a four or a five double down if the dealer is showing a break card. If the cards are rushing in the favor of the player, push the bets a little when winning. Always double down on eleven, ten or nine if the dealer is showing a break card.

It is not unusual to see streaks in a Blackjack game for both the house and the players side of the table. For this reason it is worth pressing early wins and then cutting back on the wager. If the dealer gets hot, decrease the bets or quit. If you get ahead a substantial amount, quit when you lose a third of your winnings. Do not let winnings completely disappear on hope bets.

Winning Blackjack StrategyWhen playing multiple hands like two or three at a time, the player should try to get the first hand into a winning situations. Even this can be played with patience and letting the hands break.

When the dealer begins to win, cut back on the bets and even quit the table if the session has been successful for the player.

Do not let a bad beat by the dealer affect the way you are playing as this is certainly not the end of the world. Stay calm and let the trend continue or be prepared to cut back or quit. Do not give back more than a third of a substantial win as the losses can continue. When this happens this may be a good time for a meal or at least a snack. Be prepared to hit a twelve if the need arises as long at the dealer hand is not a winner. Play the waiting game as much as you can as this is a winning idea many times. Do not drink to excess when playing a gaming table. This drink can get you started on a down spiral.

The longer you play, the more you have to work for the winning actions. If a big loss hits out of the way then it may be time to stop for a while. Players that are new to the game are not always aware that the the game can cycle up an down for short periods of time. Watch for subtle changes in trends and be sure to leave if the dealer goes on a rush. Try more than one site if you are having a bad time with the luck of the game. Some times a change of venue is all that is needed to make the cards get friendly again. So come and stay a while and play a little blackjack. It is a great game when played correctly and know basic blackjack strategy.

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