Super Slots Online Casino Review

Super slots has over 85 games, with a large percentage being slots. This site could be a slot players heaven. Players that love slots are fond of sites that give them many choices and this is what Super Slots is all about. The site does have other games, but they are a small percentage of the games that are available on this site.


Super Slots offers players a 100% matching bonus on the first four deposits for a total of up to $2,000. There are other bonuses available on this site and the management does do special from time to time. If a player is looking for a large bonus program this one seems to meet that desire. The bonus plan for this site is very big when compared with other sites that try to use the bonus deal to attract new player. Players can take advantage here and get a great deal of extra money if they fully implement the bonus program as offered.

Languages and currencies

The language used is English. Currencies used online on this site are USD, Euro and British Pounds. At the present time these are the only choices available to players on the site.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The deposit methods include credit cards, Neteller, Money Bookers and wire transfer. The same methods can be used for withdrawals except credit cards in some countries. A player would be wise to read the rules about bonuses and when they can be released or what can be done with them if they ever get freed up. Every site has its own rules and few have the same rules as this is an individual decision by each site.

Table Games

The four obvious casino table games are available and include Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette. The side games of Stud poker and War are also available. Smart players flock to these games as the odds on dice, baccarat and Blackjack are not heavily against the player.

Slot games and progressive jackpots

The slot games are both multi-line and and classic versions. There are slots with bigger jackpots that exceed over $100,000 in prize money. Slot players have a large group of slots to choose a game from on this site.

Video Poker

The site has a few video poker games to cover this gaming venue.

Customer support

Customer support can be contacted via phone and direct emails to specific areas of the site. The staff of the support operation are able to answer most questions when asked. They can get answers fairly promptly if they need to do so. When research is involved, the time element may get stretched a little longer.


Super Slots is a casino site that pushes slot play over all other games. The site uses bonus deals to attract new players, particularly the players that are avid slot players. There are ample reasons to play on the site for slot players and even those that are really casino players. The bonus rules and the high jackpots are good reasons for new players to give this site a try. Not every site has such generous bonuses and that alone attracts attentions from many players. There are several reasons to try the site that are not bonus related which have to do with the games offered. Slot players are set with this site as that is the push that the site is working at present. Even the site name proves that. Players that like regular table games are not left in the cold as the site does have them for play.

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