Professional Poker: The Highest Level In The Game

Professional Poker: The Highest Level In The GamePoker is one of the most popular and exciting games being played in the world today. In recent years poker has seen a tremendous boost in people playing the game, partly thanks to the great publicity it gets on new television shows as well as the rise of online internet poker where people can win real money online from the comfort of their own home. But whilst most people just dabble in poker for a little bit of fun, there are people in the world that are poker professionals and many are earning in the millions! This article will look at some of the most successful and famous poker professionals on the poker circuit today.

Alan Goehring is one of the key poker professionals. Unlike many of the other professional poker players, he’s not in it for the cash. He is a retired junk bond analyst with plenty of cash in the bank, but still manages to rake in the big bucks at the casino. Over several years Goehring has played in numerous world poker championships, but his big win came in 2003 when he entered the World Poker Tour Championship at Bellagio in Las Vegas and left with over $1 million in prize money. Not bad for a night’s work! In 2006 he beat that and left the LA Poker Classic with a whopping $2.4 million in prize money. So far he has earned over $5 million from being a poker professional, and is ranked the 12th highest earning poker professional ever.

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