Chris “Jesus” Ferguson Biography

Chris “Jesus” Ferguson BiographyFerguson’s very unique appearance helped him gain notoriety and fame in the poker world.  His long dark hair and unshaven face have caused people to call him “Jesus” and the name has stuck.  The fact that Ferguson can throw cards through veggies and fruits didn’t hurt his popularity in the poker world either.
Ferguson, unlike many other top poker professionals, will only play tournaments and stays away from the cash games.  He understands that these are completely different games and he prefers knowing he can only lose his buy-in.  In his extra time between tournaments Ferguson will do a lot of studying and analyzing past poker hands.  He is always trying to improve himself and increase his edge at the poker table.
You can find Chris playing in a lot of tournaments on Full Tilt Poker.  He is a full member of team Full Tilt so he has a vested interest in the poker room and does his best to market it and allow players the chance to play with one of their favourite professionals.

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