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Holdem Hands Charts

Holdem Hands ChartsThe most important decision in Texas holdem is whether to enter a hand or fold immediately after the deal.  Refusing to play junk is the simplest and most effective way to reduce losses.  At a full table, skilled practitioners of limit holdem play only one or two hands out of ten (plus blinds).  This is hard to stick to, however, because the temptation to get into the action is constant.  It is therefore essential to know by heart which hands are playable, and in which positions.  People who don’t have the basic starting hands down pat will constantly be swept up in the moment and chase phantasms.  These non-copyrighted charts are a handy way to look up hands and learn them. Read more »

River Action

River ActionPlease welcome them to our second article in the current series of articles on this blog! In the series before that we have presented to them all the popular and famous poker game types that are in the Numerous casinos worldwide played in live poker and, of course, is through online poker came to the world to incredible popularity, including the Texas Hold ’em. In addition to the Texas Hold’em poker but were also variants such as the Omaha, where there are twice as many as in the hole cards texas Hold’em, Razz where the worst hand wins, and presented Draw and Stud Poker. All varieties were treated here rather than in breadth and in depth, it was only briefly introduced the rules and given some tips for general gameplay. Read more »

Why should they rarely bluff on the flop

Bluff on the flop is pretty dangerous in Pot Limit Omaha Hold Em Poker for reasons that we are here described in detail in our article today. Basically, it is all about, that they are trying to bluff, opponents of better hands to get as their guide and because people are curious from the ground up and the fold do not like the flop bluff in Omaha Hold Em generally a much less great idea , is assumed to be well. That is of course not true, that they should never bluff on the flop, they must choose the situations are very good at live poker! Read more »

How skillfully they are bluffing on the river

Welcome to our blog on the subject of Texas Hold’em and our new products. Tomorrow is going to bluff with us on the subject of River. There on the river bluff unlikely much they can go wrong if they are not feeling grown, sometimes for hours to wait for a good situation in which the River bluff makes sense and profit promises, then they should this product at this questions are not read and would rather deal with later times to bluff the river. But if they feel up to the river bluff and are willing to bluff their enemies to the River to teach the fear and get up and fold them, they should never bluff again without the River play as trick up her sleeve, because they are thus more earn as with most other concepts in the online Texas Hold Em But what is so mysterious bluff on the river and why it is so profitable? Read more »

The insiders in the poker rakeback

In today’s No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker article is about the rakeback, a secret weapon in the arsenal of many poker professionals who will help them beat the game sustainable. But what is rakeback at all and how can I use it for me, you ask? To explain this question, it is necessary for us to travel a bit in the past, the No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker. Just like the arcade at live poker, so it’s in online poker so that the online poker rooms such as or take players a tiny Teul of each pot away and kept as a fee. This fee is called the rake, and therefore is the rakeback. Some time ago, namely, poker rooms started on the Internet, the No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker players give a part of their rake back in order to be more attractive. This action was called rakeback and it’s available today.

Bankroll management like a pro

Hi everyone, we welcome you to our new products from our blog series about the popular poker game Poker Omaha Hold’em, which is not in vain as the little sister of Texas Hold’em poker. In today’s article we will detail with the topic of bankroll management in Omaha Hold Em Poker. This topic is a bit impractical and not as exciting as some other concepts bluff River or online tells, but we promise that we focus in the coming months Read more »

How to win at roulette

I’m able to tell you the way to win at roulette, but have you got the patience? You will have to sit patiently for thousands of spins before starting to earn money. You see, it is about ‘charting’ the roulette wheel. The easy way to Win At Roulette? Biased Wheels years back, when I ran a roulette table, one of my fave players and I’d talk philosophy all night while he patiently made his easy gambles. Read more »

Championship Omaha by T.J. Cloutier and Tom McEvoy

This is not a perfect book but still one of the best about Omaha. It covers most aspects of this complex game such as the rules of play, the best starting hands and flop, turn and river strategies. It will also help you read the board for both high and low, show you how to discover dangerous draws and how to play against loose and tight players. Omaha is played in many different ways – Limit High-Low, Limit High, and Pot-Limit High – and their all tended to in this book. Read more »

Caro’s Book of Poker Tells by Mike Caro

You will never be a great poker player if you don’t know how to read your opponents at the table. Discovering tells that reveal if a player is bluffing or actually holding a strong hand is absolutely vital if you want to be a winner. In this book Mike Caro, known as” the mad genius of poker” lists a vast number of tells that will help you make correct decisions in tricky situations. Find an online poker room to try this at. Read more »

Tips: Omaha Hi/Lo Poker

Flushes and straights are very common here due to the five community cards that you can select  .Omaha High/Low is a popular interpretation of Omaha Poker, is also known as Omaha/8.The lowest hand and the highest hand split in halp the pot in this game . The low hand must contain an 8 or better, and pairs.. For these two hands you can use different cards , and it is possible to win both the high and the low  pot. Read more »

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