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Software Merge Gaming Network

Software Merge Gaming NetworkSpin32 Poker uses stable and functional poker software provided by Merge gaming as many of the top online poker rooms. Big poker tournaments run smoothly. The information provided to players is perfect.
The lobby lists tables with average pot size, players per flop and hands per hour. Statistics offered to seated players include flop seen by position, pots won with showdown and pots won without showdown. Read more »

What about Card Counting, I hear you say?

Card counting is a well known system first made famous by mathematician Dr Edward Thorp who is considered the father of card counting, after publishing a book, Beat the Dealer in 1962. The system involves recording the number of high value cards that have been exposed during the course of the hand.

If you know that there is a large amount of high value cards remaining in Read more »

Land Based Bingo Halls

Bingo game enjoyment doesn’t all end in bingo online alone. So we decided to come up with a list of free bingo halls to further up your bingo game enjoyment.

We prepared a list of land-based bingo halls that offers both the UK 90-balls bingo game that British bingo players love and US 75-balls bingo game popular around the world. Read more »

Tip of the Day (6/29)

Tip of the Day (6/29)However, it’s best not to continuation bet if the flop comes with a couple of mid-high cards: namely, flops like J94 or JT5. These flops often miss the hands in our raising range, but hit a ton of hands that are likely to only call a preflop raise: AJ, AT, QJ, QT, KJ, KT, JT, T9, J9, and many more.
Of course, against knowledgeable opponents, you’ll have to mix your plays a little bit to avoid becoming predictable. Read more »

Poker Tip of the Day

Poker Tip of the DayIn the example above, our flush could well end up being best if we hit a diamond. But if our opponent either already has a flush, or has any other diamond (a very strong possibility, as our opponent could be semi-bluffing here), then the diamonds don’t help us at all. In fact, our flush is probably good one-third of the time or less; we’ll count our “nine” outs as more like three, and even that might be generous.

Our straight draw fares even worse. Not only do we have the same issues with a flush beating us, but now any ten has us beat! Read more »

The Continuation BetIf you’re an experienced poker player, this tip isn’t for you (or if it is, you’re probably not a winning player yet). The continuation bet, also known as a c-bet, is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of a good player, and combating the c-bet is a difficult task for even the best of players.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you raise preflop from the button with AK, and are called from the big blind. Read more »

Poker Stars

Poker Stars Also, via the internet poker rooms must do marketing to draw in new gamers. The best way they do within the via the internet poker online business, would be to signal a sponsorship with professional poker gamers and by that binding them to play at the poker room. That is why you see individuals taking part on play poker online, that wears caps, t-shirts or other clothes. Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and Chris Ferguson is sponsored by Complete Tilt Poker and they are all bound to play internet at Full Tilt Poker too as doing other advertising stunts. Read more »

All about Texas Holdem Odds

All about Texas Holdem OddsIn recent years a considerable increase in a tool called Texas Holdem odds is seen on the internet. This tool is mainly designed to help payers while they play games. Online gaming sites are nowadays offering Texas holdem poker game along with other popular games. This game is gaining its popularity with time and thus work on improving this game is continuously going on. Software are designed to make the game easier and more popular to gamers. Read more »

Texas holdem odds calculator

Texas holdem odds calculatorCalculate the odds of making a hand and assist online players with Texas holdem odds calculator.
Software designers develop software to calculate the odds of making particular hands to assist online players. Sometimes these poker odds calculators are found to do much more than just calculating the odds. Read more »

Play Poker Online

Play Poker OnlinePoker space though, is accessible to all, and legal for all to withdraw income from, and it really is Poker Stars. Poker Stars is the most crowded on the internet poker room, and that is absolutely not a drawback for neither the players nor the poker space itself. There is at any time a free  chair at a table with any player’s favorite online game, and at any distinct stake that the player desires to play. Read more »

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