The Young Winning at Poker Might Worry Some

The Young Winning at Poker Might Worry SomeHe was on his way in life as well. He was taking classes at the local community college. He had a job as a bus boy. While they weren’t any big accomplishments, they were accomplishments none the less. He thought he was getting somewhere. However, when he started getting into poker, Cada quit his job and dropped out of college.
While Cada loves the fact that he has won so much money, he says he wishes he would have stayed in school and kept his job. This was his first try in the main event and he took it home with him. He too has noticed the trend of younger people who have so much going for them leaving the things that they do have going for them and then playing poker as a poker professional. However, he’s a bit worried about this. His reasoning you ask?
His reasoning for worrying is that all it takes is one bad hand. It means worrying that they aren’t living life to the fullest. They have to keep playing the game and all it takes is one person to show you up. While poker knows the other person’s hand, it’s also about being on your game. While there are many young players who are on their game, there are just as many who could be doing the things that Cada sometimes wishes he hadn’t given up to focus solely on poker.
The best advice that Joe Cada can give is to have a balance between poker and life. If you let it, poker will try running your life and that’s when you begin to look back on all those things that you could have done. He worries that those who are trying to be like him in order to beat him might wonder if they did the right thing if they do achieve what it is that they are setting out to achieve.

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