My favourite poker games

PokerSome of the poker games that are favorites among the poker players are Stud poker, TexasHold’em, Cincinnati and Spit in the ocean. Stud poker is played with seven cards. This game is a favorite among audience too since they can view the hands of all the players. The person with lowest showing card is required to start the betting. In TexasHold’em a variation of the game is played. The game uses community cards which are common and can be used by all the players. This game is a combination of stud and draw poker and is very exciting to watch as the betting is aggressive in this game. Cincinnati is a community card poker game. This game uses almost ten cards. Five cards which are handed out and five community cards. The player is required to put down one community card at the centre of the table. This face up card is a shared card and the betting begins. Spit in the Oceans is another favorite. This is similar to draw poker but uses community cards.

Four pocket cards are handed out and one face up card on the table is used to determine the wild cards. The betting round is followed by the draw poker and then a second round of betting commences which ends with the showdown.

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