Software based guide to real money gaming on the Ipad!

Software based guide to real money gaming on the Ipad!Ipad developers at Gambling Nerd created an application used to serve as a guide for real money online casino gaming. It features a comprehensive list of websites featuring virtual gaming tables for poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and other casino games which online gamers can find their fix.

Gaming Nerd pays close attention to the websites they host on their software to make sure that all the gaming tables maintain a quality play experience for its users. They also post reviews and comparisons of other applications that are available for use; featuring professional critiques on functionality, appearance, payout comparison, and amount.

With the release of the upcoming Ipad 2, Internet gaming on such devices should be on a steady incline in coming months. With that being said; such websites featuring online game rooms should be on a sharp incline as well. Perhaps this software accompanied with the Ipad 2 will revolutionize the usage of online casinos as we know it.

Though the lists of websites featured on this software is pretty miniscule in comparison to the amount of websites that actually exist for real money gaming, Gaming Nerd is working as hard as they can to add more to the list.

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