New 3D Games at PKR Poker

New 3D Games at PKR PokerMany gamers would like to try out several titles when they join an online casino as the offer of games available is overwhelming. Although Texas Hold’em is still the biggest game at PKR Poker, they have introduced new 3D games, among them online roulette.

PKR Poker, based in Alderney UK, has offered 3D poker for a few months along with the newest software upgrade for the 3D platform, and there are also 3D version of online roulette and online blackjack. All games speeds have been boosted and the 2.04 version even includes improved animation that allow multiple processes to run simultaneously and enhance the authenticity of the game.

In order to draw more players and to prove players that they are offering more than only poker, PKR will launch tournaments for each of the games.

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