Gus Hansen Biography

Gus Hansen BiographyGus Hansen was born on February 13th 1974 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Gustav was a very competitive child playing many sports including soccer and tennis.  He has kept up his tennis playing and there was talk of a tennis bet between him, Patrik Antonius and David Benyamine.  When school wasn’t in session Gus would go to a summer camp and this is where he first got into poker, playing games with his friends from camp for small amounts of money.  Gus was always fascinated with numbers and this is a big reason why he enjoyed playing poker and backgammon as a child and likely why he has become so successful.

Gus started playing more poker after he moved to California in 1993.  He played at the local casino and continued to develop his own unconventional style.  This strategy of mixing up his game has worked wonders for Gus, as he is often able to get maximum value out of his hands because his opponents cannot put him on a hand.

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