Poker a profitable business

Many fortunes have been created thanks to the advent of Internet poker rooms. Finally it has been much before the U.S. government passes laws against the internet in Paris last October for these companies in particular poker.

Indeed, the founders of PartyGaming, J. Russell DeLeon and Ruth Parasol, who operate an online poker room is shared the 197th place of the very select list of billionaires in the world.
Last year they had a fortune estimated at $ 1.8 billion each by the success of PartyPoker.
At this year’s ranking, none of the two founders are not in the list of 400 richest Americans.

They can thank the U.S. Congress that after adopting the law against online paris PartyPoker forced to stop its operations in the United States which represented 80% of its revenues.
This loss of market share over the stock market plummeting share price of PartyGaming has melted the valuation of the company on stock markets.
There is one person who managed to get out not too bad, is Anurag Dikshit who handled the design of the program that allows PartyPoker to work and who helped create the company. He had the good intuition to sell the majority of his shares just before the law passes and make the whole

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