Poker in Wendover, Nevada

I just visited Salt Lake City over the past four days.  I enjoy trying new poker rooms whenever I travel. I have a large collection of poker chips that I collect when I play in a new casino. All the SLC locals know the place to go play poker is in Wendover, Nevada. I had to go check it out so I made the 2 hour drive to the border town of Wendover. I played some $1 – $2 no-limit poker at the Wendover Nugget and Montego Bay casinos. Both poker rooms were a bit smaller than I’m used to but it was poker as usual when I sat down at the table.

My only real problem with these casinos was the fact that they allow smoking at the tables. Now, I have nothing against smokers but I don’t smoke. You’re playing in close quarters at the poker table so I don’t particularly enjoy smoking at the table. Of course, as luck would have it, about half of the players were puffing away while I dodged the billowing smoke from their ciggies. In my opinion, all poker rooms should be non-smoking but that’s just me.

I love sitting down at a table where the players are drinking and having a good time. It seems when I’m in a new house where nobody knows me, that the guys think they can boss me around at the table. This was no exception. I simply played a tight game waiting for premium cards or good speculative cards. Once I figured I had an advantage I fired into the pot and raked them in one after the other. By the end of the evening I had earned a decent profit and gained the respect of my drunken poker opponents.

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