Playtech software review

playtechPlaytech is one of the largest online casino software providers in the world. They have managed to win a good number of awards in this industry and they are always updating the software with some brand new games. They have been around for long enough to have the experience needed in order to make everything perfect and their game selection is impressive. Right now there are many premium and popular online casinos that are using this software and the players are happy with it.

The Playtech software (read more) was launched back in 2000 and it managed to become very fast a very recognized name in the online gambling industry and it is now situated up high along with other names like Microgaming, Cryptologic and other popular online casino software providers.

This software company has managed to stand out of the crowd thanks to the fact that they excel in developing online casino games that have some really high quality and at the same time they are also completely safe and secured thanks to the security measures that are up to date with what is going on in this industry.

One of the biggest move made by Playtech (official site of playtech) happened back in 2005 and it is that time when the company went public with an IPO and they have started to be traded at the London Stock Exchange. The money that was generated with the help of this big move helped Playtech increase their presence in the online gambling market and they started to acquire different companies.

This online casino software is now being used by more than 75 different online casinos from all over the world.

Each and every of those online casinos are currently featuring an impressive set of online casino games. At this moment there are more than 400 different games that you can choose to play in case you are planning to sign up for any of the Playtech powered online casinos. The company managed to create an excellent reputation in the online gaming business thanks to the fact that all the casino games are premium and have excellent graphics and sound effects. Some of the most popular games are of course the video slots. There you get to find more than the regular classic slot game, this means that there will be plenty of features, bonus rounds and progressive jackpots. The players will always get the opportunity to find something new and exciting.

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