Holdem Hands Charts

Holdem Hands ChartsThe most important decision in Texas holdem is whether to enter a hand or fold immediately after the deal.  Refusing to play junk is the simplest and most effective way to reduce losses.  At a full table, skilled practitioners of limit holdem play only one or two hands out of ten (plus blinds).  This is hard to stick to, however, because the temptation to get into the action is constant.  It is therefore essential to know by heart which hands are playable, and in which positions.  People who don’t have the basic starting hands down pat will constantly be swept up in the moment and chase phantasms.  These non-copyrighted charts are a handy way to look up hands and learn them.

Cutoff says “So do I, mine’s bigger.” And I see his 9d6d had just snapped off my nuts with his one-outer. He more than covers me so the $600+ pot is shipped his way. No BBJ, of course.

I sit for a minute, contemplating the cosmos where in a single week I can win with quads, lose against quads and lose my straight flush vs a bigger straight flush.  I sit and meditate on the world where A guy calls a raise with 9d6d and gets paid off when his one-outer hits.

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