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Last warning from the european commission

The European Commission will initiate legal action against four countries in the debate on opening up markets paris and poker on the Internet through the 27 countries comprising the European Union.
The four countries covered by the committee are: Denmark, Finland, Hungary and Sweden.
The case of Germany and the Netherlands are still in deliberation. Read more »

Video Poker

Video poker is one of the few games in the casino which has a very low house edge which means that if you are a video poker player, you have a good chance of winning and when video poker is played optimally, you can continue to win over a long period of time. Read more »

Software Cake Network

playtechCake Poker is a newer site that started its own independent network. They have steadily grown into one of the more popular sites to play at and have been polishing their software the entire time. The Cake Poker software is open to players from around the globe, including the United States. They have an excellent rewards program as well as Gold Cards that are randomly awarded and can be redeemed for prizes and tournament entries. Read more »

Baccarat Guide

The Baccarat game originates from Italy.  It was  first played in the Middle Ages. It has been said that  first it was played with  a Tarot deck. The word Baccarat means  zero, because the fache game cards and  tens have zero value in  the game.

The goal of the game is to gather  a hand of two or  three cards with a point value as close to nine  as possible. Read more »

Improve Your Odds

free casino onlineOnce the player has executed the necessary steps in performing the due diligence required to locate and select an optimal arrangement with the perfect online casino web site, the next step is to utilize a strategy that works and stick with it.

The gambler should diversify strategies among winning game types and adjust for trends, as well as keep Read more »

Online Casino Info

The online casinos have gained huge popularity and mythical proportions these days. Merely by sitting in an online casino, you can do gambling online and play as you desire at any time. You can take the help of an online gambling guide for tips on online casino and online gambling.
The online casino fun is made possible due to the safety regulations of the internet and fair gaming Read more »

Playtech software review

playtechPlaytech is one of the largest online casino software providers in the world. They have managed to win a good number of awards in this industry and they are always updating the software with some brand new games. They have been around for long enough to have the experience needed in order to make everything perfect and their game selection is impressive. Right now there are many premium and popular online casinos that are using this software and the players are happy with it. Read more »

Probabilities Of Blackjack Game

Every professional gambler shall not start the game once he/she is not aware of the probabilities of the game.

Probabilities Of Blackjack Game

Everything is just like that in Blackjack. It is highly necessary to know the root of Read more »

Bad Beats in Poker

I just played a $55 + $5 sit-n-go tournament. We were in the final three and I looked down at Ace Ace in the pocket. The other players were aggressive and I was on the button so I limped in. Sure enough the big blind went all-in. Delighted, I called the all-in for all my tournament chips. The big blind turned over King 5 of diamonds. The flop came and gave me trips with a flop of Ace (d) 3 (d) 7 (h). Read more »

Software Merge Gaming Network

Software Merge Gaming NetworkSpin32 Poker uses stable and functional poker software provided by Merge gaming as many of the top online poker rooms. Big poker tournaments run smoothly. The information provided to players is perfect.
The lobby lists tables with average pot size, players per flop and hands per hour. Statistics offered to seated players include flop seen by position, pots won with showdown and pots won without showdown. Read more »

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