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Alternative casino boom

Lately we have been seeing a long range of “alternative” online casinos popping up everywhere on the internet. So what do I mean by an alternative online casino? An alternative casino often uses untraditional banking methods to support instant deposits and instant withdrawals in real-time. To put it in context, players do not have to wait several hours or days Read more »

Single PLO hand

Holdem is the game everyone knows and loves, Omaha is like the kind of new game that has been mostly played in Europe, but it is spreading pretty fast.  In Omaha the game is dealt pretty similar to Holdem, but you get four cards instead of two and must use two of those four to make your hand.  The community cards are still dealt out with a three card flop and a turn and river Read more »

Single opponent

The last post was a PLO hand I played a couple days ago.  I liked it because there was one person sitting at the table when I sat down, they had $10 in front of them, and they likely assumed I was trying to bully so they called their whole stack off on the turn with just a pair of 9’s. Read more »

Having incomplete information in poker

What you should know about incomplete information in poker nevertheless is that understanding hand ranges, board chemistry, pot odds and betting tactics allows you a fundamental math that can drastically improve the probability of you becoming a winner or not. The players who never progress in online poker often deal with incomplete data in an emotional way that prevents them from an improved comprehension Read more »

So Many Bonuses? How to Choose?

So you have had a look around the internet for any online casinos that look nice to play at and have a seemingly attractive bonus. Thats the most popular way of finding a good bonus but it generally turns out to be the worst thing to do. Never believe what you read on most online casino sites. There is normally a term and condition that certainly turns the very generous bonus offer into a nightmare Read more »

Here are some useful tips

One of the biggest challenges for players struggling to improve is losing pots to adversaries who just do not know any better. You have taken the time to learn the right hands to play, but sorry players seem to often defeat you playing weak hands. Usually they are likely new players too, but you should have the advantage because you read a few books, signed up for a few training sites, watched a few Read more »

How to play online poker games – tips and precautions

Learn to play the poker games one at a time. Try to master them slowly. Get adjusted to the strategy of one game at a time. Do not try all the games at the same time and be a novice in all. Even if there is a time limit do not go overboard and play too many hands. Play poker in the lower limits initially even if you are loaded. The competition in the lower limits is less. Read more »

A hope for poker in Europe

Corporate shares and poker paris on the Internet has soared to the London Stock Exchange on Tuesday following a decision by the European Court of Justice which could allow companies to poker and Paris on the Net for business excercer in the European Union. Read more »

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