£70 profit

Remember when you buy tickets that to speculate is to accumulate – so that’s what I’ve always done and 99% of the time always had a return. But remember – you do not have to wager lots of money though. Only ever wager what you can lose just incase. I will only always wager £10-£20 per site.

Well I didn’t win on 1 or 2 lines or full house on this first game, but I won 1 line in the next, then 2 lines in the next, nothing for another 3 games, then 1 line, and 2 lines, last 2 games were 50p per ticket. Maxed out tickets, and got 1 line in the first, and full house in the second lol!! Total deposit today £10, total made £80.43, profit today £70.43. Thanks Dream Bingo. Back soon!

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