The blinds are bets, which are taken at the beginning of the game before the players have seen their hole cards and are intended to give substance to the dish and stimulate action and stakes of the players. The blinds are an active part of the mail put into the pot by each player’s Poker, unless a special situation leads us to consider all or part of the dark as “dead.” The player to the left of the button puts the small blind and the pot that plays right after the big blind. The player to the left of the one who played the big blind starts the betting round is the first hand. All hands following the player to the left of the button starts the betting round.
Rules for playing the dark
* In the dark variations of poker, players are required to bring the pot a little dark and a big blind. In limit poker betting the big blind is equal to the minimum bet allowed, while the small blind is half the big blind. In the case of poker no limit or pot limit, the amount of small and big blind is set by regulation of the gambling house, site or the online poker tournament.
The rotation of the dealer button and thus the rotation of small and big blind should be conducted regularly in order not to disadvantage a player on another in the overall conduct of the hands. Specific case studies:
Next dealer just out of the tournament:
* Small Blind and Big Blind are still regularly
* The dealer button remains in the previous

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