Instructive camps for Poker Texas Holdem

The World Series of Poker Academy (WSOP), has announced the details for the camp where the best players of the world will explain their theories and strategies for the Poker Texas Holdem without limit, the most popular version of the game.
The event will be held on April 18 and 19 in the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and very interesting topics will be developing for Poker Texas Holdem players as games earnings, strategies for advanced tournaments and head-up, advanced poker mathematics and many others topics.
Between the famous players who were taking part as speakers are Annie Duke, Paul Wasicka, Howard Lederer, Phil Gordon, Alex Outhred and Andy Bloch among others. Also Joe Navarro will be present dictating a seminar about how to decode lies in the Poker Texas Holdem.
Those who register will not only taking part of instructive and seminars, there also could go to interactive workshops and analysis of live hands. On the other hand, as extra topic, games of Poker Texas Holdem will be realizing by the stars, where two places in Holdem’s World Championship without Limit of the WSOP 2008 are going to be the big prize.
“We are very excited of being able to give two seats to the Principal Event of the WSOP 2008,” said Jeff Goldenberg de Post Oak Productions, the company that produces the camps. “Last summer, we had a student, Sally Ann Boyer that comes out from the Academy one day to go to the world championship the following day. This it is the class of confidence and skill that the students learn, and we hope that our winners of the seats will compete in the higher level this year. ”

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