Single PLO hand

Holdem is the game everyone knows and loves, Omaha is like the kind of new game that has been mostly played in Europe, but it is spreading pretty fast.  In Omaha the game is dealt pretty similar to Holdem, but you get four cards instead of two and must use two of those four to make your hand.  The community cards are still dealt out with a three card flop and a turn and river, but you must use three of the five community cards to complete your five card hand.

Since you are given four cards, plenty of Holdem players think they are very strong with anything.  Basically many players play way too many hands and the pots are regularly nice and fat.  PLO is a breath of fresh air for the regular Holdem grind.

If you haven’t already, be sure to learn this game and get in on the nice profits to be made, before the masses get too educated.

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