Alternative casino boom

Lately we have been seeing a long range of “alternative” online casinos popping up everywhere on the internet. So what do I mean by an alternative online casino? An alternative casino often uses untraditional banking methods to support instant deposits and instant withdrawals in real-time. To put it in context, players do not have to wait several hours or days to withdraw their winnings from the online casino in question. One of the largest of these alternative casinos, (in total player count), is Liberty Reserve Casino.

At first glance, Liberty Reserve Casino looks just like any other flash casino games based casino with all the proper casino games included: Roulette, BlackJack, Slots, Baccarat, Poker etc. The main difference between this online casino and a more “traditional” casino so to speak, can be found in regards to the banking methods offered. Liberty Reserve Casino only supports electronic currencies (so called e-currencies) such as Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money for example.

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