Here are some useful tips

One of the biggest challenges for players struggling to improve is losing pots to adversaries who just do not know any better. You have taken the time to learn the right hands to play, but sorry players seem to often defeat you playing weak hands. Usually they are likely new players too, but you should have the advantage because you read a few books, signed up for a few training sites, watched a few videos and managed your bankroll sensibly well. The problem is that your bankroll is at best, unimpressive. You might in fact analyze your poker bankroll and become sunk at its lack of development.

Let’s come to terms with this, horrible bad beats are going to happen to you and they are usually at the hands of these types players. Now obviously, they did not commit in training time like you did and as a result have a very unique view of poker than you do.

They will not be playing in a fashion that can make any sense to you. Since you never know what they have or what their motivations for playing are, you need to take additional safeguard when involved in a hand with one of these players so that when playing against them you create positive EV. Here are some winning tactics for playing against players who don’t know or simply do not care about what they’re doing.

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