A hope for poker in Europe

Corporate shares and poker paris on the Internet has soared to the London Stock Exchange on Tuesday following a decision by the European Court of Justice which could allow companies to poker and Paris on the Net for business excercer in the European Union.

* PartyGaming (PRTY.L) + 5.15%
* 888 HOLDINGS PLC +7.25%

The European Court of Justice rendered a decision that would allow corporations to online poker and Paris to offer their business in all countries present in the European Union. This decision is in opposition to recent measures taken by some members of the European Union that have taken protectionist measures against gambling sites online to protect their monopoly.
This decision could be a precedent favoring these poker sites in future legal battles.
It is in the context of a conflict between Italy and Stanley Leisure Plc, a UK company, which opened a business as a bookmaker in Italy that the European court has ruled. The three leaders of the British brand in Italy were charged with not having a license to operate on the Italian. Their defense was that their license issued by the United Kingdom gave them the right to operate in all member countries of the EU share market opening between member countries.
The European Court has confirmed this fact by saying that Italy was acting against the rules in force within the European community.
This decision should also have an impact in other countries such as France and Germany have also attacked the online gaming companies.
While others try to minimize the announcement, share prices of most online gambling companies have increased markedly UK.
An early victory for online poker.
PartyGaming (PRTY.L) + 8.39% today with 113 million shares traded.
One is always good to -65% since the beginning of the year, but it should be worth buying.

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