Get the maximum benefit from a casino bonus

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For people who are new to online casino gaming, there's never been a better time to sign up to a casino as there are so many free bonuses to take advantage of. As the number of sites rises, there's increased competition for new player business and so the welcome incentives become ever more tempting.

If you have a particular game you want to play, it's worth making sure that you can use the bonus credit from a site to play that game. Some bonuses are quite restrictive on which games you can use the credit to play. So, if you're keen to play 32Red online blackjack, it's best to take out a table games bonus when you sign up to the site. Currently that means you'll get up to £250 free to play with, as the site will match the value of your first deposit up to that amount.

But if you're not sure what you want to play, you can choose another bonus instead - like the no deposit welcome bonus at 32 Red where you'll get £32 of casino credit simply for signing up to the site and registering a payment card. This is a great introductory bonus as you can play any of the casino games on the site for free while you're testing out the site.

Shop around and look at what the different casino sites are offering, but make sure you read the terms and conditions attached to each bonus. Some bonuses are more flexible than others. In general, it's unusual that you'll actually withdraw the bonus as you often have to play the amount through a high number of times before you are allowed to withdraw the bonus, so don't worry about the wagering requirement too much. It's usually best to accept that this is just some free money that you can use to enjoy the games that you'd otherwise be paying to play, but that you're unlikely to be able to walk away with that cash.

Instead, use the bonus money in the hope of making small but steady gains on the size of your bankroll. Try to avoid the temptation of blowing the bonus in one go on one big bet - it's unlikely to come off and you'll have had less fun with the bonus than by playing it bit by bit. However, don't sit on your bonus funds too long - they have an expiration date and it's better to play the money while you can than hoard it for later and let the time limit run out!

You can take up as many of the casino bonuses as you wish when you're first playing on casino games, but once you've done so, it's best to start playing at one casino site regularly. By doing so, you'll rack up loyalty reward points - each casino has their own customer loyalty scheme - and be able to benefit from future promos on the site. If you play at too many sites infrequently, it'll take longer to qualify for further promotions and it's also harder to keep track of your spending.

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