Don't be Afraid to Play Craps: It Has Some of the Best Odds!

I remember the first time I entered a casino and saw the craps table; it looked like the greatest game I had ever witnessed. People were cheering and giving high fives, it all seemed like so much fun. As I began to watch the game, it became apparent that this wasn't a game I was going to be playing anytime soon. The board itself looked like a chart you would see in Algebra class and the players and dealers were speaking a language I had never heard before. I decided my craps career would have to wait until I learned the game.

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Craps can be very intimidating for a new player. In fact, I think craps players like to feel a bit superior to others, so they kind of encourage this exclusivity and give new gamblers a hard time. Unless you are a female then they will be nice because first time female craps players are considered to be good luck.

Now that craps is available to play and practice online it removes many of the social pressures and allows a player to learn the game without feeling intimidated. Craps does have many different bets and specific terminology but really there are only a few bets a winning gambler needs to know. If you learn how the game is played and a couple basic bets, you can reduce the house edge to very little.

The "pass" / "don't pass" line is the fundamental bet in craps. If you bet the "pass line" you are pulling for the shooter (person throwing the dice) to win, and if you bet the "don't pass line" you want the shooter to lose. These two bets have the best odds for the player in the game of craps. The "don't pass" line is slightly better, but again social pressure in a live casino often has people bet the "pass line" to support the shooter. If you strictly want to play the best odds for you, bet the "don't pass" line which only has a house advantage of 1.36% which is very good.

For a beginner those are the only two bets you need to know. There is a way to reduce the casino's advantage even more by taking "full odds" which will be discussed in future articles. If you just stick to these bets, even if you don't know anything else about craps, you will be making two of the best bets in the casino.

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